7 June 2014

Erp (Veghel), The Netherlands


Harmony of Hardcore is one of the only real hardcore festivals in the world. It is a journey that will take you through a landscape of hard and devastating beats and every step that is taken will bring people closer to the final destination: the ultimate hardcore feeling. Soletly Hardcore beats grab you, hold you all day and don’t let go. The festival created an attractive force for the ultimate Hardcore fan, but HOH also attracts people that fancy this music style. Whether you want to go back in time with Oldschool, rave with mainstream or if your dark side comes to light with Industrial, Harmony of Hardcore can achieve this and provides everybody with the ultimate Hardcore feeling. The festival has an established name in the Hardcore scene, by taking over the Saturday before the annual Pentecost and making this Saturday one the Hardcore fans won’t easily forget. With the last editions completely sold out, with visitors from all over the world, Harmony of Hardcore is going sky high!“
Par-T, organisation of Harmony Of Hardcore


    Client; Par-T BV

    • Coordination, preparation & project management of all decor related aspects
    • Design and elaboration of 9 stages (excl. mainstage)
    • Design and elaboration of most site objects & activities
    • Routing and mapping of all stages and facilities
    • On site manager & constructor