SHOW ON has gained a lot of experience throughout the years in designing and elaborating stages for several national & international festivals. Whether it concerns big or small stages, SHOW ON wants to achieve the best result where decoration, lighting and graphic designs become one. 

Do you want more than just a design? That’s possible! With our knowledge and passion we love to help you developing, producing and controlling the total process and we can help you to align it with our partners and suppliers, to achieve the desirable result!


Nowadays we are overwhelmed with a lot of information. Both online and offline, brands try to stand out throughout all the different stimuli to which we are exposed daily. Different researches show that the total amount of publicity stimuli we process each day, are way up to 3000! That makes it quite tricky for brands to reach their target group. For that reason, the value of adding more experience is increasing!

SHOW ON is convinced that the use of brand activations shouldn’t be underestimated in generating brand awareness or assign a positive boost to your brand according to your target group. Together with you, we would love to look for a ‘WIN-WIN situation’ where we, in agreement with the organisation of the festivals, search for the best opportunities.

So whether it is about a branded stage, an impressive eye-catcher, sensational shop/bar, ludic game, surprising chill-out zone or achieving some goodwill, SHOW ON is what you are looking for!


The activity of festivals is a very vibrant branch. In this risky business you have to be distinctive and innovative to continue exciting your customers. It is outdated to state that festivals are only all about the artists, the total experience of the festival has become even more important!  

SHOW ON likes to help the festival organisation to invent creative concepts and convert these into the total look & feel of the site, routing, decoration and other activities. All these different elements contribute to the ultimate experience of the festival!


Sometimes it is difficult to visualize what something will look like in reality without a 3D image. In order not to be faced with surprises, it is wise to have a 3D drawing made. SHOW ON is happy to help you not only with making 3D visualizations, but also with designing your garden, interior, home, (exhibition) stand or event. 

We can be flexible & creative as you like!


Looking for a design for your house or business? We can help you with a simple 3D sketch, an advanced design or even more! Managing the construction process and selecting all the products is no problem too!


Do you want a business event that people will talk about for years? SHOW ON loves to help you with the orginasation and realisation of your sensational event!  

Nowadays it is not that obvious to employ good staff. That’s why it is even more important to implement and divulge a positive atmosphere towards others. And this is worth the investment!